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Why do I want to buy this?

Have you noticed that we often buy something, but very often we don’t need it. How does this happen? We decided to share with you some marketing manipulations.
Marketing Campaigns

Brands develop marketing strategies that are aimed at creating a positive image of the product and attracting attention to it. Bright packaging, eye-catching advertising campaigns and even collaborations with famous personalities are used to attract attention.

Emotional appeal

Brands often seek to evoke an emotional response in consumers by associating their product with positive emotions, values, or a desired lifestyle. For example, success stories, family values, or social ideals are used to create a connection between the product and the consumer.

Creating a need

Brands often seek to convince consumers of a need for a product, even if they were not previously aware of the need. This can be achieved by emphasizing the problem or deficiency that the product solves, or by creating a new image of desirability.

Highlight unique features

Brands highlight the unique features or benefits of their product that make it more attractive than similar competitors' products.

Associations and Sublimation

Creating associations with certain images or lifestyles can attract consumers who seek to identify with that image.

All these methods and techniques are part of a brand's marketing strategy and are aimed at influencing the perceptions and decisions of consumers, encouraging them to purchase products.
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